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Getting A Match

In summary, here's how a match works for an adoptee and the services DNAConnect provides.
  1. You, the adoptee, get your DNA tested (see Getting Your DNA Test). You'll receive notification from the testing company when your DNA profile is complete.

  2. You then download the file of your DNA profile and upload it to, a global DNA database.

  3. Meanwhile, DNAConnect is working to collect birth parent DNA samples (see our Challenge &Goal), get them analyzed, and also get them uploaded to Gedmatch.

  4. If your DNA at Gedmatch matches with the DNA of a birth family member, you're in luck. Gedmatch will notify either you or DNAConnect (whoever submitted the initial DNA profile).

  5. DNAConnect provides Post-Match Services (see below) to help you learn more about or connect with your birth family.

Our Post-Match Services

DNAConnect can provide information about your birth family and help you connect with them. When we are notified of a match, we provide any or all of the following:

  1. The direct contact information for your birth family.

  2. Photos of your birth family.

  3. Your birth family's actual statement about your beginnings and path to your orphanage.

  4. Facilitation of a video chat between you and your birth family along with translation services during the visit.

To provide these services, there is a post-match donation of $299, unless you or your family have made a donation of $50 or more or qualify to have the fee waived.​ We explain the need for the donation in a DNAConnect Facebook post:  

Upcoming Changes to DNAConnect’s Matching Fee Structure

For more information about DNA tests  and what DNAConnect does, read our Q&A or Contact us.

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