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DNAConnect.Org is collecting DNA from birth families constantly, and matches are being made frequently. The current progress of our work can be seen in the table below; full data is listed on the Birth Families page. Each time DNAConnect.Org assists in making a match between adoptee and birth family, we are thrilled and encouraged to continue our mission!

Currently, 1 of every 6 of our tests is resulting in a match!

Helpful information about China adoptions is also emerging with each match made. Interviews with the birth families show that a majority (~99%) of the adoptees matched were second, third, or later children, with the majority being third children. At least 10% of the children were confiscated by Family Planning to comply with China's One Child Policy that was in effect from 1979 to 2015. Of the adoptees matched, nearly all of the birth dates of the adoptee had been intentionally changed by the orphanage. Lastly, 15% of the adoptees were adopted from an orphanage outside the jurisdiction where the birth family lived.

Read how we are Changing Lives in the sidebar, and if you haven't yet gotten your own DNA tested, read Getting Your DNA Test.

Mother and Daughter Hugging
Changing Lives

The payback of the work we do is extremely satisfying: We get to listen to, and cry with, the people whose lives are forever changed when we contact them about a match. Below are the stories of the beneficiaries of this project, both from birth parents and from their located children. For those who have donated to this work, whether through funds or time or telling others, the stories linked below are for you. You have made this happen.

DNAConnect.Org Stories of Reunion
Blog of Birth Families Searching for Their Lost Child
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