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Getting Your DNA Test

Getting a geneological DNA test is the only way for you to be matched. It's a simple and relatively inexpensive process that involves buying a DNA kit from a company that does geneological DNA processing (as opposed to medical testing). For DNA processing, 23andMe is the best choice, since most adoptees utilize that database.


Your kit will contain instructions for submitting your saliva back to the company for DNA testing. When you are notified that your results are in, you can download your "raw" DNA file and then upload it to GedMatch, a company that cross-matches all raw DNA data from all DNA processing services.

Happy Twins

We have an informative article on uploading your DNA from 23andMe to GedMatch here: It will take about two days for GedMatch to process your DNA. Once you have your “relative’s list,” you will look at the “Gen” column (the seventh column). This “Gen” number tells you how many generations separate you from the other person. For searching purposes, you are looking for a “Gen” number of less than 3. A sample two to three generations separated from you can be worked (assuming they are not an adoptee) through grandparents, etc. If you see a email address associated with your match, or have any questions about potential matches on your list, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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