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How You Can Help

You can help DNAConnect in many ways:

1. Collect DNA

If you have an upcoming trip to China, contact us about the opportunity to collect DNA from birth families.


2. Connect Us with Birth Families

If you have contact information for a birth parent in China who relinquished a child, contact us. Your referral will equate to a $50 donation to DNAConnect under the Help Us Help You offer (see sidebar).

3. Donate

We welcome donations from individuals, other nonprofit organizations, and donor-advised funds from organizations. Click Here to Donate Now. Remember, a donation of $50 to DNAConnect entitles you to our Help Us Help You offer (see sidebar). is a not-for-profit corporation approved by the IRS as a tax exempt public charity under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions under applicable IRC sections (e.g. Sections 170, 2055, 2106, and 2522). Our “public charity” status (as opposed to private foundation status) makes it possible for donor-advised funds to donate and also for other 501(c)(3) organizations to donate. Contact us with recommendations.

4. Spread the Word.

Tell others about our mission and about this website. Spread the word on Facebook, to FCC groups, and adoption forums. The more support we gain from the international adoption community, the more DNA we will be able to collect. This project is truly a "pay it forward" opportunity.

5. Choose DNAConnect for Amazon Smile.

Special Offer:

Help Us Help You

Bottom Line: We need to find more birth families. To further that goal, our "Help Us Help You" offer can save you and your adoptive family friends up to $299 each.

How It Works: If you donate just $50 to DNAConnect OR you provide contact information for any birth parent in China for whom we are able to obtain a DNA test, and if you/your child is then matched with ANY of our current or future DNA samples, you will receive the birth family contact information FREE -- up to $299 in savings. Furthermore, for subsequent birth family you refer, you can pass the "Help Us Help You" offer to another adoptive family.